What is a Lead Generation campaign? When should you use it?

Lead generation campaigns - perfect if you want to get speaking to your customers straight away. Lead Generation campaigns allow you to get the contact details from an interested potential customer - for you to follow up with instantly.

Lead Generation Campaigns are ideal if you:

  • Sell a service - such as plumbing (where you need to book in someone)
  • Sell an expensive product/service
  • If your team has expert knowledge (and they need to explain something to the customer)
  • If you want to grow your email list, or gain a number of new susbcribers

Typically, lead generation is a higher-cost campaign, but if you can 'convert' one customer with a call or email exchange, then it can be extremely lucrative - especially if what you're selling is expensive.

One of the most important things to remember with Lead Generation Campaigns - is that you build the correct process, so you can follow up with the interested customer as soon as they give you their contact details. The longer you leave it, the bigger the chance they won't reply, or will go elsewhere.

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