Getting the best from Audience Manager

Now you've set up your first awareness/traffic campaign, your ads manager will now have data on all the people that have interacted with your ads.

Even if nothing has come from your ads so far - do not fear, we can use all of that lovely data to your advantage.

This module is all about creating audience groups - saved audiences, and crucially - custom audiences.

A custom audience is essentially telling Facebook to use data as a raw ingredient, which Facebook can then use to create a new audience which is very similar to the one you've just given it data on.

For example - you can upload a list of all your customer orders into Ads Manager. Facebook will then use this data (for example, every email on your customer export list that has also been used on Facebook will be matched). Facebook can then find all the similarities between all the customers you have just given it - and will create a new audience which is similar to the audience you have just given it.

This means it can be very easy to find the 'perfect' audience on Facebook, without loads of trial and error and running lots of different ads.

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